07 May 2011

UCSB interactive Campus Map

UCSB's interactive campus map is an amazing tool for any student of faculty memeber, and demonstrates that the geography department here at UCSB is on the cutting edge of GIS implementation. This map was created by UC professors and students around five years ago, and layers are continually added and fleshed out with more precise data. 
See the map

The Interactive Campus Map currently provides the ability to
  • Search for parking lots based on permit restrictions and space availability
  • search many for rooms within many buildings on campus 
  • locate the room where a specific class is held
  • find on campus eateries, off campus dining in IV, and recycling cans
  • see wireless internet signal strength across campus

Showing the position of a room on campus

Parking is complicated! Let the interactive campus map help you out!

Feature features planned for the Interactive Campus Map include:
  • locations of doors on buildings, elevators, and handicap assessable areas
  • information on bus stops and schedules, as well as traffic lights
  • Time aware layers which display which businesses and campus resources are open now
  • updated info on Temporary construction zones

Recreation Areas on Campus

Isla Vista Eateries

Wifi strength.. Red is good.
Yellow means no reddit during class :-/

Special thanks to UCSB's Department of Geograpphy for this amazing project! 

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