18 January 2012

Lightsquared Calls Gov't Objections Bogus

Lightsquared INC. continued today to press ahead insisting that their 4G technology is safe, despite unanimous U.S. government findings indicating that the new 4G data technology will cause major interference with Global GPS systems.

According to the National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation & Timing, nine government agencies have unanimously found that wireless broadband which 4G plans to implemented will interfere with navigation satellites used by ships, planes and cars all over the world. The Committee informed the U.S. Department of Commerce that no further testing would be needed.

Lightsquared continues to insist that the damning tests were "bogus" and that they used obsolete devices.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle
U.S. regulators said they won't approve LightSquared for commercial service should they find it would significantly disrupt GPS devices. The Reston, Virginia-based company backed by Falcone's Harbinger Capital Partners hedge fund plans high- speed wireless service to as many as 260 million people.

Read the original articles at SFGate.com

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