23 March 2012

Magdeburg Water Bridge

It used to be the case the barges traveling down Elbe-Havel Canal, a major shipping channel in Germany, would be majorly delayed by the Elbe River crossing. Because the canal's water level is much higher than the rivers, a barge would have to be lowered to river level, sail several miles downstream, and than would have to be raised again to canal level before proceeding.

German engineers came up with an ingenious solution to this problem: they constructed an elevated aqueduct to connect the two canals, which would cross over the river. This brilliant solution was completed in 2003, and saves vessels large amounts of time while navigating the area.

Pedestrians and Boats cross the water bridge

The following picture shows the waterways with the old route (in red) and the new route (in yellow). The water bridge itself is depicted in gray.

Attribution: ClickKlack at the German language Wikipedia

An aerial view of the Water Bridge crossing the Elbe river

To view the bridge yourself, fly to 52°13′52″N 11°42′07″E in Google Earth.

The underside of the bridge as is traverses land near the Elbe River

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