10 June 2013

Sailing on the San Joaquin River

With summer in full swing, there is no better time to get out for a sail! I recently went for a day cruise on the San Joaquin River in the heart of the region known locally as the delta. The winds were very light in the morning, so we had some time to float around and work on our tans, but thankfully a stiff breeze came in around 3 PM.

Overall, we covered 12 nautical miles, or about 14 miles, which is pretty good when you consider that we spent a lot of time sitting and waiting for a breeze.

Leaving Delta Sailing School's dock in Seven Mile Slough.

We got the sails up and made no progress upwind....

So we headed downwind for a nice cruise. 

Unfortunately, this meant we had to head
back upwind, requiring many tacks.

We finally got some nice log runs in before calling it a day.

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