27 December 2011

Geo-tag your photos with PhotoGPS

Need a better way to organize your photos? If you have a DSLR camera the PhotoGPS by Jobo is a great way to geotag every photo you take quickly and easily. The PhotoGPS dongle attaches to the camera's hot shoe, and is automatically activated every time a picture is taken. 

The PhotoGPS geo-tagging attachment

Once the photos are loaded on a computer, included software quickly and easily matches up each photo with its recorded location. This software allows photos to be displayed on a map, and even use reverse geo-coding to add a variety of other information about the location in which the photo was taken. 

In short, PhotoGPS is a quick, easy way to geo-tag all your photos with detailed location metadata.

A DSLR with PhotoGPS attached.

Read more about PhotoGPS at Absolutely GPS

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