21 January 2011

DGPS: can your GPS do this?

I stumbled accross a blog describing 'DGPS' and how it allows for improved accuracy. I was intrigued, and I discovered that in some countries, land-based UHF radio signals are broadcast to augment location accuracy. Appearently, these DGPS systems can achieve accuracy of .6 M about 100 kM from the broadcast location. Thats over open ocean mind you, but those numbers still boggled my mind. I'll have to find out more about how pervasive DGPS coverage is in different parts of the world.

demonstrating a DGPS fix.. accuracy of 2 M. Picture credit to GPS addiction

Also, check out the Wikipedia article for more info!

Here is a picture of a private DGPS station in Germany.
Original Image © User:bdk / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

A battery operated GPS receiver used for 'precision agriculture' navigation. It calculates its position to a few minutes, and than sends out a DGPS correction signal via FM radio to GPS devices on nearby farm equipment. Any agriculturalists out there who know more about this?

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