24 January 2011

Visit to Solvang

The other morning I woke up and wanted to get out and enjoy the sun! School has been super hard, and I wanted to show my little sister around seeing as she had just moved here. We left Santa Barbara going north on HWY 154, and turned off below the summit to go exploring in the mountains. After taking some pictures and soaking up the views, we drove on through to Solvang. Built in a traditional Tudor village style, Solvang is an adorable little community in the Santa Ynez which is known for its cafes, quaint public squares and 'far-away' feel. I would highly recommend a visit!

Here is the route we took to Solvang

Painted Cave Road(in red) is crazy steep! This is looking N-NW

Camino Cielo (in red) runs along the ridge of the Santa Ynez mountains, and offers breathtaking views of the coast and valley. Careful! It is very steep, and unpaved in sections.

Angeled picture to show topography - Hwy 154, Camino Ceilo Rd/Painted Cave Rd. 

When we finally got to Solvang, we parked and walked around. After some Danish and espresso, we hit the road back to SB

 The view from San Marcos Pass looking towards the ocean, with HWY 154 snaking up the mountains. Santa Barbara is in distance!

 Another angle of HWY 154 between Painted Cave Road and Camino Cielo, looking east.

Elevation/Speed Profile
Elevation is Red, Speed is Blue

Download the KML file here

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