11 February 2011

Visit Museo del Prado in Spain!

Google recently launched a virtual tour of a variety of museums around the globe. You can view the floorplan of the museum and even look at high quality reproductions of the works contained within.

One of the Museums not viewable via Google Art Project

On such museum, The Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain houses a world class collection 12th-19th century European art. Founded in 1918, the museum has over 7,000 pieces, although due to space limitations only about 1300 are on display to the public.

Real Life Image of Museo Prado

Arial of Museum and adjacent park

Google Art depictions of the Palace of Versailles

View of a gallery in The Museum of Modern Art in New York

Van Gogh's Museum in Netherlands 

Close up of Van Goug's "Bedroom" via Google's Art Project

Looking North up Paseo del Prado, with Museum visible on right

The quality of the images are truly breathtaking. When an image is selected for viewing in Google Earth, if flies the viewer to where in the building the work is located, giving one a sense of the museum's layout. I would highly recommended checking out this museum yourself in Google Earth. So far, its kind of buggy and takes powerful hardware to render properly, but it is worth the patience!

Close up section of 'Self Portrait' by Albrecht Dürer, as seen in Google Earth tour of Museo del Prado 

Looking south down Paseo del Prado
Check out the Google Art Project website here to see more museums and works. You can move around the museum and view the works in high resolution! You can also view the museum's exterior detail in Google Earth. I imagine that Art Project will eventually merge completely with Earth. Google has already rendered the outsides of most buildings, so it makes sense that they'll work on the insides now!

Check out this video from Google Spain showing how high res imagery of these entire museums were collected and modeled into a 3D model 

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